Thanks to all who participated in the 2019 California State Fair Commercial Beer Competition.

There were 288 registered participants, judges, and stewards.

Best of Show Winners

Best of Show – Beer

PlaceOrganizationEntry NameStyle
1stAngel City BreweryCa Common14A: California Common
2ndBeachwood BlenderyChaos Is A Friend of Mine55A: Lambic
3rdArts District Brewing CompanyMemory Lane1B: Standard American Lager

Winning Entries

Table 1: Standard American Lager

1stArts District Brewing CompanyMemory Lane1B: Standard American Lager
2ndUnsung Brewing CompanyLumino1A: American Light Lager
3rdSeismic Brewing CompanyTremor 1B: Standard American Lager

Table 2: International Lager

1stEppig BrewingEppig Special Lager2A: International Pale Lager
2ndDust Bowl Brewing CoTaco Truck Amber2B: International Amber Lager
3rdChapman Crafted BeerChapman Crafted Pils2A: International Pale Lager

Table 3: American/International Pilsner

1stMorgan Territory BrewingProud Pils3C: German-Style Pilsner
2ndAngel City BreweryPilsner3C: German-Style Pilsner
3rdFrogtown BreweryLites Out3B: European-Style Pilsner

Table 4: Bohemian-Style Pilsner (Czech Lager) (4A, 4B)

1st14 Cannons Brewing CoPatient Pilsner4A: Czech Pale Lager
2ndFeather Falls Brewing CompanyBrewer's Choice Czech Pale Lager4A: Czech Pale Lager
3rdSmog City Brewing Co.Little Bo Pils4A: Czech Pale Lager

Table 5: Pale European Beer

1stFort Point Beer CompanyExport5C: European-Style Export/Dortmunder
2ndBlue Note BrewingHeidi5B: German Leichtbier
3rdSouth Park BrewingMunderstruck5C: European-Style Export/Dortmunder

Table 6: Munich-Style Helles

1stThree Forks Bakery & Brewing CoMother's Beach Blonde Lager6A: Munich-Style Helles
2ndFirestone Walker Brewing Co.Lager6A: Munich-Style Helles
3rdSolid Ground BrewingRampart 6A: Munich-Style Helles

Table 7: Märzen

1st14 Cannons Brewing CoMarooner Marzen7B: Märzen/Oktoberfestbier
2ndFigueroa Mountain Brewing CompanyDanish Red Lager7A: Vienna Lager
3rdClandestine BrewingV7A: Vienna Lager

Table 8: Dark Lager

1stEnegren BrewingNighthawk8B: Schwarzbier
2ndCrooked Lane Brewing CoThirsty Pretzels8A: Munich Dunkel
3rdLast Name Brewing Co.California Black Beer8B: Schwarzbier

Table 9: Bock

1stRip Current BrewingBreakline Bock9B: Traditional German-Style Bock
2ndAngel City BreweryBock Me Amadeus9B: Traditional German-Style Bock
3rdMorgan Territory BrewingLock'd, Bock'd, & Ready To Rock9A: Helles Bock/Maibock

Table 10: Doppelbock/Eisbock

1stMorgan Territory BrewingLubricator10A: Doppelbock
2ndMammoth Brewing CompanyFire and Eisbock10B: Eisbock
3rdLodi Beer CoDoppelbock10A: Doppelbock

Table 11: Cream Ale

1stThe Stalking HorseHappy Hour11A: American-Style Cream Ale
2ndUnsung Brewing CompanyBuzzman11A: American-Style Cream Ale
3rdDel Cielo Brewing Órale11A: American-Style Cream Ale

Table 12: Kölsch

1stKern River Brewing CompanyPumps, Bumps And Rollers12A: Kölsch
2ndPacific Plate Brewing Company Shockwave Kölsch 12A: Kölsch
3rdSunset Reservoir Brewing CompanyOutside Lands Kolsch12A: Kölsch

Table 13: Altbier

1stArts District Brewing CompanyÓrale13A: German-Style Altbier
2ndEnegren BrewingValkyrie13A: German-Style Altbier
3rdBeachwood Bbq & BrewingAlt(ernate) Reality13A: German-Style Altbier

Table 14: California Common

1stAngel City BreweryCa Common14A: California Common
2ndBeachwood Bbq & BrewingSteamy14A: California Common
3rdAnchor Brewing CoAnchor Steam Beer14A: California Common

Table 15: Baltic Porter

1stMorgan Territory BrewingDark Reckoning15A: Baltic-Style Porter
2ndEppig BrewingNatural Bridge: Baltic Porter15A: Baltic-Style Porter
3rdAngel City BreweryBaltic Porter15A: Baltic-Style Porter

Table 16: American-Style Wheat Beer

1stMad Duck BrewingHopical Paradise16A: American-Style Wheat Beer
2ndInstitution Ale Co.Batch 45716A: American-Style Wheat Beer
3rdEppig BrewingMeister16A: American-Style Wheat Beer

Table 17: German-Style Wheat Ale

1stFaultline Brewing CompanyHefeweizen17B: Hefeweizen
2ndSonoma Springs Brewing CompanyNoma Weiss17B: Hefeweizen
3rdPizza Port Brew Co. - Ocean BeachJunk In da Trunkel Dunkel17C: Dunkelweizen

Table 18: Berliner-Style Weisse

1stFigueroa Mountain Brewing CompanyMicroburst18A: Berliner-Style Weisse
2ndAngel City BreweryBerliner18A: Berliner-Style Weisse
3rdFederation BrewingDelicious Money18A: Berliner-Style Weisse

Table 19: Gose

1stGilman Brewing CompanyPineapple Jardin19B: Contemporary Gose
2ndSeismic Brewing CompanyDanger Zone19B: Contemporary Gose
3rdTower Brewing CompanyPuesto de Limonada19B: Contemporary Gose

Table 20: Rye beer

1stFederation BrewingUtopia Planitia Red Rye20A: Rye beer
2ndDocent BrewingThe Rube20A: Rye beer
3rdBurning BeardRoggen The Lightning20B: German-Style Rye Ale

Table 21: American-Style Fruit Beer

1stYolo Brewing CompanyDie Hard Is A Christmas Movie21B: Fruit & Spice beer
2ndTilted Mash BrewingB. Applebum21B: Fruit & Spice beer
3rdDel Cielo Brewing Guava Dreams21B: Fruit & Spice beer

Table 23: Herb & Spice Beer

1stBeachwood BrewingCoconudder23A: Herb & Spice Beer
2ndLaughing Monk BrewingProphetess 23A: Herb & Spice Beer
3rdBeachwood Bbq & BrewingVanilla System of A Stout23A: Herb & Spice Beer

Table 24: Honey & Alternative Sugar Beer

1stGarage Brewing CoGreet Tea-Bird24A: Honey Beer
2ndBartlett Brewing Co. (bartlett Hall)Beemused24A: Honey Beer
3rdBig Sexy BrewingGristmill Honey Ale24A: Honey Beer

Table 25: Coffee Beer

1stMorgan Territory BrewingMidnight Sea25A: Coffee Beer
2ndBeachwood BrewingMocha MacHine25A: Coffee Beer
3rdSmog City Brewing Co.Coffee Porter25A: Coffee Beer

Table 26: Chocolate Beer

1stBartlett Brewing Co. (bartlett Hall)Layer Bar26A: Chocolate Beer
2ndGarage Brewing CoPeanut Butter Chocolate Milk Stout26A: Chocolate Beer
3rdSmog City Brewing Co.The Nothing26A: Chocolate Beer

Table 27: Smoked Beer

1stEnegren BrewingThe Big Meat27A: Bamberg-Style Rauchbier
2ndDrake's Brewing CompanySmoked Brette Davis Eyes27C: Other Smoked Beer
3rdFort Point Beer CompanyManzanita27A: Bamberg-Style Rauchbier

Table 28: Historical

1stNew Helvetia Brewing CoThurston Adambier28C: Adambier
2ndShadow Puppet Brewing CompanyKentucky Uncommon28D: Kentucky Common
3rdTen Mile BrewingHidden Hollow28D: Kentucky Common

Table 29: Blonde or Golden Ale

1stRock Bottom Brewery la JollaSan Diego Sunset Blonde29B: Blonde or Golden Ale
2ndEel River BrewingOrganic California Blonde29B: Blonde or Golden Ale
3rdDanville Brewing Company925 Blonde29B: Blonde or Golden Ale

Table 30: British Mild & Bitters

1stAmador Brewing CompanyDirty Blonde30D: Extra Special Bitter
2ndClandestine BrewingBoycott30C: Special Bitter
3rdTen Mile BrewingHidden Hollow 30A: English-Style Mild Ale

Table 31: Standard British Ales

1stPizza Port- Bressi RanchChronic31A: English-Style Pale Ale
2ndMammoth Brewing CompanyDouble Nut Brown Porter31C: English-Style Porter/Brown Porter
3rdPeter B's BrewpubInclusion Amber31B: English-Style Brown Ale

Table 32: British Strong Ales

1stEel River BrewingTriple Exultation32C: English Barleywine
2ndIsland Brewing CompanyBig Island Barleywine32C: English Barleywine
3rdThe Stalking HorseFurry Walls32C: English Barleywine

Table 33: Scottish Ale

1stSouth Park BrewingGrassmarket33C: Scottish Export
2ndBeachwood Bbq & BrewingGlenlongbeach33C: Scottish Export
3rdFall River Brewing CompanyKilty Pleasure33C: Scottish Export

Table 34: Irish Red Ale

1stSan Fernando Brewing Co.O'Melveny Red Ale34A: Irish Red Ale
2ndPort O'Pints Brewing Co.Dean O'Dell's Irish Red Ale34A: Irish Red Ale
3rdRock Bottom Brewery la JollaSurfer's Solitude Red34A: Irish Red Ale
HMEel River BrewingOrganic Amber34A: Irish Red Ale

Table 35: Irish-Style Dry Stout

1stSolid Ground BrewingGneiss 35A: Classic Irish-Style Dry Stout
2ndCrooked Lane Brewing CoDark Bent35A: Classic Irish-Style Dry Stout
3rdTioga Sequoia Brewing CompanyDublin Blues35A: Classic Irish-Style Dry Stout

Table 36: Foreign Extra Stout

1stEast Brother Beer Co.Oatmeal Stout36B: Oatmeal Stout
2ndIsland Brewing CompanyStarry Night Stout36A: Foreign Extra Stout
3rdPeter B's BrewpubStouts Without Borders36A: Foreign Extra Stout

Table 37: Sweet Stout

1stFerment.Drink.Repeat Brewing CompanyD'Yer Mak'er Tropical Stout37C: Tropical Stout
2ndSuper Owl BrewingUdder Nonsense37B: Milk Stout/Cream Stout
3rdBeachwood Bbq & BrewingUdder Love37B: Milk Stout/Cream Stout

Table 38: Imperial Stout

1stRitual Brewing Co. Big Deluxe38B: British Style Imperial Stout
2ndCrooked Lane Brewing CoNightfall At The Barn38B: British Style Imperial Stout
3rdLadyface Ale Co.Russian Lullaby38A: American Style Imperial Stout

Table 39: American Amber & Brown

1stFort Rock BrewingFrb Brown39B: American Brown Ale
2nd6th & la BreaWham!ber39A: American Amber Ale
3rdCalicraftOaktown39B: American Brown Ale

Table 40: American Porter & Stout

1stHapa's Brewing Company, LlcLittle Angel40A: American Porter
2ndDrake's Brewing CompanyBlack Robusto40B: Robust Porter
3rdThree Forks Bakery & Brewing CoPurdon Porter40B: Robust Porter

Table 41: American Pale Ale

1stSuper Owl BrewingBicycle Rights!41A: American Pale Ale
2ndBerryessa BrewingSeparation Anxiety 41A: American Pale Ale
3rdTen Mile BrewingCitrallenial41A: American Pale Ale

Table 42: English-Style India Pale Ale

1stAlaro Craft BreweryCastillo42A: English-Style India Pale Ale
2ndSouth Park BrewingIn the Meantime42A: English-Style India Pale Ale
3rdEel River BrewingOrganic IPA42A: English-Style India Pale Ale

Table 43: American-Style IPA

1stInstitution Ale Co.Scale the Walls43A: American-Style India Pale Ale
2ndBeachwood Bbq & BrewingInterlock43A: American-Style India Pale Ale
3rdFirestone Walker Brewing Co.Luponic Distortion43A: American-Style India Pale Ale

Table 44: New England-Style IPA (Hazy IPA)

1stBurning BeardWave of Phase44A: New England-Style IPA (Hazy IPA)
2ndSouth Lake Brewing CompanyFog Nozzle IPA44A: New England-Style IPA (Hazy IPA)
3rdMadewest Brewing CompanyMadewest Hazy IPA44A: New England-Style IPA (Hazy IPA)

Table 45: Imperial IPA

1stEl Segundo Brewing CompanyOchos Locos DIPA45A: Double IPA
2ndAngel City BreweryDouble IPA45A: Double IPA
3rdKnee Deep Brewing CompanyHoptologist 45A: Double IPA

Table 46: Specialty IPA

1stLucky Devil Brewing Company Satan Is My Motor46A: Belgian IPA
2ndWiens BrewingDeprivation46B: Black IPA
3rdMike Hess BrewingHabitus46E: Rye IPA

Table 47: Strong American Ales

1stBig Sexy BrewingGifted Gunslinger47D: Other American Strong Ales
2ndState Room BreweryUncle John's Barleywine47A: American Barleywine
3rdBootlegger's BreweryKnuckle Sandwich47D: Other American Strong Ales

Table 48: Belgian-Style Witbier

1stThe Monk's CellarBiere Blanche48A: Belgian-Style Witbier
2ndCommon Space BreweryJosie's Wit48A: Belgian-Style Witbier
3rdIndie Brewing CompanyBlue and White48A: Belgian-Style Witbier

Table 49: Classic Saison

1stGilman Brewing CompanyGilman Farmhouse49A: Classic Saison
2ndArts District Brewing CompanySpirited49A: Classic Saison
3rdStandard Deviant BrewingSaison49A: Classic Saison

Table 50: Specialty Saison

1stThree Mile Brewing CompanyI Like Big Beets50A: Specialty Saison
2ndOut of Bounds Brewing CompanyRyebiscus Saison50A: Specialty Saison
3rdTortugo Brewing CompanySipping On Springtime50A: Specialty Saison

Table 51: Belgian Table Beer

1stRock Bottom Brewery la JollaSiren Island Golden Ale51B: Belgian Blond Ale
2ndKairoa Brewing CompanyCheeky Buggah51B: Belgian Blond Ale
3rdEnegren Brewing2019 Surf N' Suds Collaboration51C: Belgian Pale Ale

Table 52: Belgian Strong Ale

1stSuper Owl BrewingLighten Up, Francis52B: Belgian Dark Strong Ale
2ndLucky Devil Brewing Company Aleister Abbey52A: Belgian Pale Strong Ale
3rdImperial Western Beer CompanyAhoy Hoy52A: Belgian Pale Strong Ale

Table 53: Trappist

1stBurning BeardPanic At the Monastery53D: Trappist Quadrupel
2ndBurning BeardGet Thee To A Monastery 53B: Trappist Dubbel
3rdState Room BreweryAltered State Tripel53C: Trappist Tripel

Table 54: Belgian-Style Sour Ale

2ndLucky Devil Brewing Company Oud Cassis54C: Other Belgian-Style Sour Ale
3rdCalicraftBarrel Project: Pomegranate-Plum Sour54C: Other Belgian-Style Sour Ale

Table 55: Lambic

1stBeachwood BlenderyChaos Is A Friend of Mine55A: Lambic
2ndBurning BeardAmerican Wild With Tart Cherries55C: Fruit Lambic
3rdBeachwood BlenderyCareful With That Peace, Eugene55C: Fruit Lambic

Table 56: Wild Ales

1stAlmanac Beer Co.Strawberry Hopcake56B: Mixed Culture Beer
2ndAlmanac Beer Co.Farmer's Reserve No. 556B: Mixed Culture Beer
3rdGunwhale AlesMission Statement56C: Wild Specialty Beer

Table 57: Wood- and Barrel-Aged

1stSolid Ground BrewingDevil's Leap 57A: Wood- and Barrel-Aged (stored in barrels previously containing wine, port, or sherry)
2ndOut of Bounds Brewing CompanyHurly Burly57A: Wood- and Barrel-Aged (stored in barrels previously containing wine, port, or sherry)
3rdBj's Restaurants and BrewhouseSour Cherry Jerry 57A: Wood- and Barrel-Aged (stored in barrels previously containing wine, port, or sherry)

Table 58: Sprit Barrel

1stFirestone Walker Brewing Co.Old Man Hattan58A: Wood- and Barrel-Aged (stored in barrels previously containing distilled spirits i.e. brandy, bourbon, etc)
2ndSonoma Springs Brewing CompanyPlum Drunk58A: Wood- and Barrel-Aged (stored in barrels previously containing distilled spirits i.e. brandy, bourbon, etc)
3rdEl Segundo Brewing CompanyOld Jetty58A: Wood- and Barrel-Aged (stored in barrels previously containing distilled spirits i.e. brandy, bourbon, etc)

Table 60: Experimental Beer

1stFiftyfifty BrewingI Did It All For the Cookie60A: Experimental Beer
2ndSmog City Brewing Co.Buzzworthy60A: Experimental Beer
3rdFull Circle Brewing Co Illa Vanilla60A: Experimental Beer

Table 61: Session Beer

1stFall River Brewing CompanySingle Track Obsession61A: Session Beer (beer less than or equal to 5% abv.)
2ndSociete Brewing Co.The Coachman Session IPA61A: Session Beer (beer less than or equal to 5% abv.)
3rdInstitution Ale Co.Clarity61A: Session Beer (beer less than or equal to 5% abv.)

Table 62: Chili Beer

1stTortugo Brewing CompanyCristobal Lager On Peppers62A: Chili Beer
2ndBeachwood BlenderyDia de Los Mangos62A: Chili Beer
3rdRock Bottom Brewery la Jolla3 Pepper Ale62A: Chili Beer